Rational Religion

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Faith Keeps You Functioning


All religions require tremendous leaps of faith to fill in the blanks between what we can be empirically sure of and what we would like to be true.


This one is no different.


You have to believe that the Universe is Infinite and Unknowable and that there will always be - unto the end of the human race - meaningful mysteries to explore and discoveries to be made. 


This is actually not a very different exercise than that required of any conventional metaphysical religionist, except:


You have to work a little harder to maintain your orientation; because you do not have the luxury of imagining that some vast superhuman intelligence - always with your best interests in mind (as long as you behave yourself) - is in control.


You can console yourself, however, with the probability that the Universe is logical and subject to its own rules.  We're not in a whimsical, free-form environment, here.  There are things we can count on and we can live our lives relatively free of uncertainty, as long as we understand that the Great Unknown most likely doesn't give a damn about us - as individuals or as a species - and probably doesn't even realize that we, or it, exist(s).