Rational Religion

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When Religions fail; and Why.


Religions, organized or individual; traditional or idiosyncratic, are of such value to the human species that it is probable that many persons or societies could not endure without them. 


Religions succeed when they permit -- enable  -- their believers to live their lives in relative emotional calm and stability in a universe which demonstrably goes about its business without paying the slightest attention to them; and among other human beings whose desires and purposes cross with theirs irreconcilably. 


The big payoff of any religion, no matter how numerous its adherents or how rigidly its rules are observed - even enforced - is in the individual soul. 


Does it do its job for you?  Does it get you through the disappointments and disasters of everyday life with some semblance of peace; and the understanding that as long as you have your life, the game isn't over and is still worth playing?


Most religions do that for most of their believers; most of the time.  Therefore they are successful and, as a human phenomenon, probably necessary.


Where they fail begins just outside the individual believer's skin; as soon as they begin to become a psychological burden or even a physical danger to anybody else. 


Remember that Tradition is not Truth; nor is numerical superiority.


Might does not make Right, except in the histories written by the Mighty. (Subject to radical change when the Mighty inevitably fall, or outside their sphere of influence while they prosper.)