Rational Religion

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This scattered collection of “theological” essays is hopefully a work in progress.    I am obviously better at thinking in bite-sized mindfulls than I am at organizing the results, possibly an artifact of my advancing age.


I also have considerably more to say on most of the topics I have broached above, but have restrained myself from including every last rumination out of compassion for my possible readers.


I intend, from time to time, to add to these scriptures, as new topics, or new ways of dealing with old topics, occur to me; so if you find anything of interest, check back occasionally. 


New stuff will be labeled New Stuff, with the posting date.


If you are inclined to comment constructively on any element you find herein, please do not hesitate to do so through the mechanisms provided.  I am especially interested in corrections of objective fact or established knowledge, but also in gross lapses of logic. (I have always learned most by shooting from the hip and having my betters re-adjust my aim.)


Please do not waste your time and mine by presuming to “correct” my errors which happen to contradict your personal faith or fanciful cosmology.  Just reread the disclaimers at the top and take them to heart; or if it is too late and you have already absorbed enough Rational Religion to make you uncomfortable, quickly seek supportive members of your congregation for assistance in exorcising any lasting effects.


My final wish is that you should be as comfortable in your skin as I am in mine.


                                                                                    The TuppennyProfet